Who are some examples of child prodigies?

I had never followed what is the future of child prodigies. A child prodigy is all about appearances. One see a child that speak a lot of savant or science matters, one is a little puzzled, but we do not know much about the value of all stuff the kid knows. As I do not believe intelligence is genetic, but the result of some training, it depends a lot on the intelligence of the trainer. But if the trainer is good enough the child can have some bright future. The best way to succeed can be to follow approximately the normal school curriculum. I mean the program would consist in following the arbitrary curriculum of the schools to avoid nasty surprises. But as no any brain can learn everything under the sun, is a lot better to establish some preferences to expend more time in them. Maths and physics by example can have some preference. But as there is always a growing importance for people to be able to speak foreign languages, it not a bad idea to choose a second language to back up the future. To learn a foreign language is a very good idea, but to teach the child two foreign languages is risky, unless you do do it after the first one it well anchored.

Sonata K545, First Mvt. (W. A. Mozart) by Evan Lê (6 years old)

It makes some sense to consider the child would learn only one and a half foreign languages. As learning a foreign language consumes a lot of time (training is time) you better do not overspend the precious time available on too many different fronts.

What I mean is… nobody knows everything. This is the reason why science is divided into several independent specialties, and the specialties are divided in different subgroups. Then if someone had studied biology, you have the right to ask, what sort of biology? The same happens with maths, physics, etc. What sort of science had you studied?

Visit this link on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSr6kjgdOqE&t=43s

It has the title  «Robert Bjork – input less, output more»

It refers to the question I posted about we have only a brain and a limited time.

 Then, to have exaggerated expectations over the capacity of our brains is risky.  In any case, the more you want to learn, the most time you would need.  Miracles do not exist in this matter.  Scientist and engineers are divided into a lot of different fields.  There must exist a serious reason for this division.