How can I compete with highly intelligent people?

My IQ is probably around 125-130. How can I compete with highly intelligent people?

Intelligence is not natural. It is the result of some learning process. The more you learn the higher is your intelligence. It is not different to playing the piano, the more you practice playing the better you do it. All the problem to understand the meaning of intelligence is to challenge yourself to answer the question, what is intelligence?

It can help a little to read the Oxford Dictionary.

Intelligence: 1) Intellect, understanding. 2)Quickness of understanding, sagacity, (of a person or an animal)

IQ number denoting ratio of given person person’s intelligence to the normal or average.

Then, the IQ is telling the relative training in language learning compared to the average population. The IQ or the word intelligence does no contain any explanation about how a person had achieved the knowledge he has.