Does high IQ means anything in the real world?


It would depend on how high it is the IQ. A little over the average, like 120, 130 or 140 points, it could be a good indication. But a much higher IQ could be detrimental.

It all depends on the interpretation of the word intelligence. According to the Oxford dictionary, intelligence is language.

Intelligence: Intellect, understanding. 2 Quickness of understanding, sagacity.

In case we have doubts about intellect, it is easy.

Intellect: Faculty of knowing and reasoning, understanding.

You cannot know most questions if you lack a language. To know is to understand some verbal statements, and reasoning is the capacity to discern if some statements are false, true or doubtful. Reasoning is also the capacity of arriving to a provisional conclusion if some statements can not be verified physically.

Then, if you had watched ever a TV program of the style Jeopardy…

Jeopardy! – Wikipedia!

You would see that too know too much is detrimental to our intelligence. There is a lot of trash information involved, and to memorize such a volume of data is a waste of time and resources.

Just image someone memorizing a phone book. It is surely a waste of energy and time. I had seen some videos about people training to memorize the order of some decks of cards. There are people training for some concourses about this.

Any career you are going to make would take a lot of effort, and you must memorize also a lot of trash. This occurs for they are making a barrier to limit the number of people with a degree about this matter. But at least you are memorizing this trash for you need to pass some exams. You need to learn a lot of trash to earn a degree of something, or a master, or a doctorate whatever. Then, to memorize for the sake of it is waste of energy and time.

Then high IQ is a fetish some people have. Nobody is going to pay you a salary because you have a high IQ. It does not make any sense. You can earn your life, because you had earned a degree of something the work market needs.

To have a high IQ is similar to say, I had read 200 novels. Nobody is going to pay you a salary because you had read 200 novels. But novels can help you a lot to learn a foreign language, by example. I can write in English because I had read a lot of novels. I never had been living in any English speaking country, and I never had worked or earned a dime, because I knew English. But English was very useful to read about a lot of science articles in a number of magazines. It also helped me to teach English to my children, and now to my granddaughter.



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